About me – Route to Professional Supervision
I have worked as a British Sign Language Interpreter since graduating from Bristol in 2007 and becoming Registered in 2012.

I currently work with an organisation called Deaf Direct as a Professional Supervisor (as well as an in-house interpreter)

My background is:

Having worked as a British Sign Language/English interpreter for over ten years, and prior to that working with the NHS as a Bereavement Officer, I have become increasingly aware of how well the NHS advertises Professional Supervision for its’ staff. I offer the same Supervision for BSL Interpreters and our Allied Health Care Professionals.

I have enjoyed working as a Community Interpreter working in Devon and Cornwall and more recently in Oxfordshire.

My interpreting work covers areas such as medical appointments, staff meetings, conferences, Mental Health appointments, music festivals, Church/religious events, colleges, universities, Police, and so on.

As a Professional Supervisor I provide a safe space to explore work-related issues, dilemmas, traumatic work experiences and so on. This is a non-judgemental space.

If you feel you carry too much from your work with you, then supervision is the place to offload it. I am passionate about supervision and feel it is a necessity for any person within the ‘helping professions.’

I provide Professional Supervision on an individual and group basis. Individual sessions are offered in person or via Skype. Group sessions are all face to face sessions.

Sessions run between 1hr – 2hrs for individual sessions and 2hrs-3hrs for group sessions dependent on numbers of attendees.
Sessions are booked in the diary every 4-6 weeks.

(For pricings, please feel free to contact me to make an enquiry)
“At its simplest, supervision is a forum where supervisees review and reflect on their work in order to do it better ……… supervision that is not centred or focused on actual practice and work is simply another form of counselling or psychotherapy”
(Michael Carroll, 36:2007)
Warm regards,


Dawn Barker BSc (Hons)

Qualified Professional Supervisor
Registered British Sign Language / English Interpreter